Anxiety meets Depression 

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I go every day feeling like I want to give up, I keep fighting and I’m tired. I keep loving and I’m tired. I keep trying and I fail. I hate my existence. I feel like a burden and unwanted/unneeded. From the moment I came into this world I was ready to leave. As a child I questioned why I was here. My entirely life I’ve tried to fit in and be “normal” I couldn’t handle my life. I should’ve known I would replay what I knew and saw. Difference is I don’t have a child or kids to live for. I have nothing that drives me to want more from this world. I can’t even have the kind of love I want and money won’t buy it, so what’s the point. 

Secretly I’m waiting for everyone to have someone in their lives to replace me, then my job here will be done. Knowing everyone I love is happy, I then could drift away. You may think you will miss me but what would there be to miss? I feel like a burden and like I’m losing my mind.