Anxiety meets Depression 

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I go every day feeling like I want to give up, I keep fighting and I’m tired. I keep loving and I’m tired. I keep trying and I fail. I hate my existence. I feel like a burden and unwanted/unneeded. From the moment I came into this world I was ready to leave. As a child I questioned why I was here. My entirely life I’ve tried to fit in and be “normal” I couldn’t handle my life. I should’ve known I would replay what I knew and saw. Difference is I don’t have a child or kids to live for. I have nothing that drives me to want more from this world. I can’t even have the kind of love I want and money won’t buy it, so what’s the point. 

Secretly I’m waiting for everyone to have someone in their lives to replace me, then my job here will be done. Knowing everyone I love is happy, I then could drift away. You may think you will miss me but what would there be to miss? I feel like a burden and like I’m losing my mind. 


Can’t Sleep 

It’s a little after five in the morning and I been up since yesterday, I can’t sleep. I’m crying still thinking of things said to me yesterday. 

I’m going to move on from it but it will always remain with me as a weight on my back. 

No one understands me and they all think they know me, it’s laughable. 

Here’s some things said to me yesterday by my mother, FYI she has major depression sees a therapist and psychologist and takes prescription drugs for it among other things. 

The first statement was said to me after she asked me a question but knew i was about to get started up and she wanted to stop me. This happens a lot because she can’t handle my truth and the way I see things and she doesn’t like when I remind her of my childhood. Yes she did the very best she could but she fails to realize I did my very best as well and that’s what I continue to do, my best without having a nervous breakdown and ending up being admitted into a hospital. 

“No I’m sorry I asked. Nope, I don’t want to hear what you have to say. I know whatever you’re about to say is going to be stupid.” 

These statements were said when I explained how I don’t agree with taking drugs. As if I’m going to pop a pill and it’s going to motivate me to want to live in this world. As if it’s going to make me a entirely different person. It’s going to make me look at life so much better and I’m going to be so happy and nothing will ever bother me or worry me again. 

“So when are you going to fix yourself?” 
“When are you going to get help?” 

This statement here I didn’t even understand. I guess life and living is about money. If I was working no matter how much I make, no matter how I feel, it would make people look at me as a better person. 

“It’s not that you’re unimportant, it’s that you don’t stay at a job for very long.” 

I’ve worked many jobs, longest time was eleven months. Every job I worked extremely hard, gave it my all. Mostly retail jobs but also some working with food. The most I ever got paid an hour was $9.50. Still living at home at the time I had to help pay bills. So it was impossible for me to save anything. I didn’t see how I would ever get enough money to get my own car or my own place to stay. I remember my mom told me that I wouldn’t be able to make it on my own or afford it. I only got praised when I was doing what I was told or she was in a loving, caring mood. 

Growing up life for me became more difficult every day. 

She hates when I say, “Well you wanted to have kids.” Or “I didn’t ask to be born.” 

I think it’s wrong for people to become parents and think that them doing what they think is the best they could do is good enough and after 18 years old sometimes sooner, that now it’s the child who has to figure out life from there. Being told “I didn’t have anyone to tell me how to do things or explain it to me. I had to figure it out on my own.” 

Wow, it’s just wrong. At some point the chain has to be broken. I love my mom so much but she should not have had me. I should not be here. 

I believe when I was born, both my parents were depressed and it got worst. My entire life I have been trying to fix myself. I’ve been trying to fit in. I’ve been trying to live as others do. My entire life I have not wanted to be here. 

I apologize for being a disappointment and not trying hard enough. Not being able to be someone who they can brag about. 

It’s not that I’m lazy I just can’t handle all the stress in the world. Stress of working and stress at home is just too much for me. It’s not that I want someone to support me it’s just I’m already working overtime tending to my mind, body and soul. The sad part is I believe I’m failing at that as well. 

Pounding Heart 

In the above picture, is what happens when you have anxiety and high blood pressure. I’m not sure what brought this on, it was after I ate. I’m really not sure. I also suffer from fibromyalgia so it could be a mixture of things. 

       My left arm started to ache and I felt a weakness kind of feeling. It’s still aching. Even though that might have started early this morning. I didn’t get much sleep and the sleep I got wasn’t very restful. I feel exhausted. I’m sure my weight has something to do with how im feeling as well. I have so many issues I can’t keep track. 

      I literally feel like I’m going to die and it’s this crazy cycle of feeling bad, heart races which makes me panic and causes me to think about this is the day I have a heart attack and die. Those thoughts cause me not to be able to calm down my heart rate and I feel like I’m going to die. 

       My heart pumping overtime, working so hard I can’t believe I haven’t had a heart attack. It’s a blessing. 

      Now I feel the depression creeping up on me. I’m feeling sad that I think about dying all the time but I don’t seem to want to die today. I’m becoming sleepy again. Bye

Hear Me Loud and Clear 

I have said it and they seem not to want to believe me or refuse to hear me. I said it though, loud and clear. 

“I want to die because I’m not living.” 

I only live for others around me. I only live for the ones who claim they love me. I live because I refuse to give them motherfuckers another reason to talk bad about me. I can just imagine the things they would say. 

You can’t keep telling someone who wants to die to get a job. I clearly proved I’m not cut out for that. I tried little over ten times and I somewhat succeeded but then I failed over and over again. 

I said, I know I said it, loud and clear. 

“I want to die. I don’t want to be here.” 

Maybe they don’t believe me because I follow up with, “I don’t have it in my heart to do it, I just have thoughts about it sometimes.” 

How about supporting me in something I enjoy doing and that I’m good at, help me make a living with that. Nope, that would be to easy. You would actually have to care about me to want to do that. 

Do I just give in and be like everyone else, even though I tried already but give it another go and maybe at age 32 I will finally stay at a job for a year and have people still talk shit about me because they expected so much more from me than working as a cashier at some stupid store. That I’m too smart and I should be doing so much better. 

Oh another thing that people keep talking about is me having a baby. [Now why would God allow that when he knows I haven’t even figured out how to support myself yet.] They say things like… “When are you having some babies?” I think to myself like “Oh you know what I think I will make one tonight.” Is there some magic pill I don’t know about that I can magically get pregnant. People rarely ask if I even want kids. I have been married for eight years, these people don’t think we haven’t been trying. They don’t know if I have complications or whatever. 

I know most people are tired of their jobs or tired of doing the same old stuff etc… That is so much different than I’m tired of breathing, of feeling, of thinking. 

The difference between me and others are I’m the one who makes the ones I love feel better. Try to make them smile and even cater to them. Some may think that’s at least I can do for them providing for me, putting a roof over my head etc… I look at it as I’m good at this and they’re good at what they do. I try again to be who they are, then who will comfort me at the end of the day? Who will comfort them? Like cooking, cleaning etc… oh yeah it would still have to be me. 

Then this everyone wanting to be independent thing. Not having to depend on anyone. That makes me feel like, then why do I need you around me if I’m doing it all by myself. I have to love myself, I have to support myself, I have to encourage myself, I have to motivate myself… The fuck is anyone good for these days? Everyone claiming to be different but all trying to do the same things. Makes me want to die even more. 

I will never change and be like anyone else. Yet I will probably never kill myself even though I don’t want to wake up, but I’m more woke than most. I want my time to hurry up and come. I used to think that I may miss something if I was gone but I’m starting to think there won’t be and no one will truly miss me. They will only miss what I do for them, not actually miss me as a person. The things I do, they can pay someone to do. 

Replace the Negative 

Staying positive is a very difficult thing to do when you have a dark cloud following you. You have negative people in your life feeding your already negative thoughts. Every moment you have that you are able to have a bit of happiness, that negative person(s) takes that moment away. 
I have never wanted anything more than to be happy. Truly happy every day all day. Have reasons or a reason to be happy. When I wake up and see I have another day, I want to be glad that I do. 
Living with anxiety and depression, when you wake up, being happy is the farthest thing from your mind. You are trying to get up enough strength to get out of bed and face the world that you feel is judging you, looking down on you, the world that you feel is going to kill you. At times you wish it would kill you so you won’t have to go through this hassle every single day. 
You have to learn to make your own happiness and know what things make you happy. The day I felt the feeling of peace, that day was amazing. Of course it happened when I was alone. I wanted to be able to keep that feeling but I didn’t know how. I never know when those days will happen but when they do I try to enjoy them to the fullest. It tough though when it seems everyone else is being down and moody. Seems like when I am happy no one else is. 
I am more happy with myself than being in a room full of people or being with one person. I never thought I would feel that way. Ok maybe not happy but I am content with myself. I am not true if I can truly be happy. I have happy moments and I know I don’t live with happiness in my heart. 
I know the good person I am and what makes me me. When I think of those things about myself, that is what I use 

To motivate myself, it’s not easy though. The negative thoughts are always there. 


I wanted to try and not talk about something but it’s a very important part of my story. It’s only fair that I explain how everything is connected. 
My mother has major depression so when she got pregnant with me at the time (and she has told me) that there were negative people around her she let the things they said get to her and she was very depressed while pregnant with me. 

Also my father would not admit that he has depression as well but he sure is depressed. (He drinks alcohol to cope) So with all the characteristics of my mom and dad mixed together, created the person writing this blog. 
Anyways among other things that happened in my life. Anxiety issues was always present. Of course I didn’t know something was wrong with me, always thought I was different. Thinking back, I don’t remember all my childhood moments but I remember having my first panic attack at least the only one I knew about at the time. Well maybe it was also panic when I was dropped off at my grandmas and if my mom didn’t pick me up when she said she would, I was not happy. I would call her like crazy until she came to get me. (Separation anxiety maybe?) 

Ok back to the other story: I went to a sleep over. It was a girl from school, it was her birthday and I was happy I got invited, felt like I had friends until we laid down to sleep. I don’t remember what I was thinking but I began to cry uncontrollably. The other girls were scared not knowing what to do. They all take me to the girls mother and she calls my mom to come get me. I was so embarrassed. I had no idea why I freaked out. I never gave that moment much thought until I was an adult. 
Like I said apparently I was birthed into this world carrying depression and anxiety. 
Saw my mother go through a lot of difficult times and I never was going to claim I had depression. I told myself a lot of excuses to why I felt the way I did. It wasn’t until I was 17 years old and I finally got my first job. Note I did not want but I had graduated early from high school, I was just waiting around for my graduation time. Anyways I worked my butt off. The one or two days off, which I felt I wasn’t getting, was not enough. I was exhausted and one day I couldn’t get out of bed. In my pitch-dark bedroom I laid there like I can’t even do life today. I didn’t want to call my job because I knew I would still have to go in and I needed rest, so much rest. 
The older I got, the harder it became to hide my feelings, hide that I wasn’t quite like everyone else. It’s too emotional for me to take you back down the path I came from but believe me, it’s a miracle I’m still here.

▪️Pregnancy in women is a common source of depression, due in large part to vast hormonal fluctuations. Doctors believe that it is possible a fetus may inherit depression from a depressed mother. That is not to say the baby is born with depression as a result; this is not akin to something like fetal alcohol syndrome. Still, there may be depressive hormones transferred.

▪️Our genetic code (DNA) predisposes us to certain diseases and there is no reason why depression may not be part of that.

▪️Clinical studies established to separate a specific gene that causes depression have proved inconclusive, but research continues.
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